The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat

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After studying and teaching God’s word for over 50 years and producing more than 2000 study guides and teachings on the subject of healing and living life, I ventured into the field of posting. Our first post series started in December of 2021 and has resulted in an amazing response with over 15000 commenters and growing.  My goal is to continue offering a platform for myself and others to share God’s word to bless and encourage others in healing and living life


The purpose of the post series by using an allegory is to show how Jesus may have handled his coaching duties according to God’s word in a humorous way

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Ready Reference of the Three Heavens and Earths - outline #1

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Our statement of belief

  • God has given us “all things that pertain unto life and godliness.” (2 Peter 1:3), including the availability to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ today after Pentecost. God has given us “gifts of healing by the same Spirit”… “But the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.” (1 Corinthians 12:9-11)
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  • The world offers all kinds of remedies for man’s ailments, but we seek a perspective from God’s Word first and attempt to bring Godly resources for the reader’s consideration  




  • The first series with Jesus as the Head Coach is “The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat.” He coached his team, the “WORDS” team against the “WORLD’S” team. Describing the events leading up to and playing in the BCS College Football Championship Game


  • The second series is “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine”, where Jesus as “God’s Right-Hand Man” counsels David, who represents Ukraine, on how to defeat Goliath, who represents Russia. As the big battle plays out Jesus as the Christ gives instructions that David carried out exactly as he was told to be victorious!


  • The third series is “La Copa del Mundo” with Jesus again being “El entrenador en jefe,” and yes the Head Coach is bilingual (this is under construction). The goal is to finish this series as the “World Cup Championship Game” plays out, on Sunday, December 18, 2022, which will be played at Lusail Iconic Stadium, Lusail Qatar; kick-off at 3 pm


The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat


The mindset of being physically healed ends up one of two ways, the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat. This allegory shows the systems of the world and the ways it causes the agony of defeat versus God’s healing perfection 


Most medical systems and drug companies, but not all, are motivated by dollars when they treat people to extend their lives to treat them to the grave. The best way to treat people is to make them completely whole. Many of us deal with sickness and disease daily; which system would we choose, God’s or man’s?


God heals people immediately without worldly treatments and drugs and is free. There is a place for medical treatments that extend life so people can believe in God who heals. The healing mindset is developed over time, but being healed by God is still the ultimate goal. God’s will for our lives is to live, not die; we can’t believe anything if we die!



The BCS College Football Championship Game-#1


Jesus competed in the game of his life. How he competed in this game dictated if he would either win or lose, the trophy being his and our physical life, not a crystal football


Two teams competed in the game, one was the word’s team with Jesus, as a playing Head Coach, and his team was made up of his disciples. They competed against the world’s team consisting of religious leaders, Roman soldiers, and other numerous thugs


The game consisted of four quarters, a playing field, and a filled stadium


The referees were other religious leaders who were bought off to throw the game and didn’t have instant replay. So as the game progressed, the referees made biased calls benefiting the world’s team, yet against all odds, would the Head Coach pull out the Victory? Stay tuned for the play-by-play action!


Scripture and verse


So, when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the written saying, death is swallowed up in victory. O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? But thanks be to God, which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ – 1 Corinthians 15:54-57


For whatsoever is born of God overcomes the world: and this is the victory that overcomes the world, even our faith – 1 John 5:4

The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Teams” #2


The BCS College Football Championship Game: The Teams


The teams that competed in this game were unique players with different styles and abilities


We as believers today compete in the game of life, Looking toward when the thrill of victory will be achieved entirely (1 Corinthians 15:20-57, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18- But thanks be to God . Which gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ-15:57)


As we compete in the game, we get bloodied up, dirty, and injured with multiple aches and pains 


As the adrenaline flows, we compete with every fiber of our being (Ephesians 6:10-17). And as time runs out in the fourth quarter, we lay on the playing field exhausted and victorious, knowing we have given all, and we look toward the prize, the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:14)


Jesus was a player and the Head Coach of the word’s team. He hand-picked his team, recruiting Simon, called Peter, and Andrew, his brother (Matthew 4:18-22, John 1:36-42). Then recruited James and John, James’s brother, and all four were fishermen (Mark 1:16-20). Next, he recruited Philip and Nathanael, Bartholomew (John 1:43-51), quite a pep talk! Then the Head Coach recruited Matthew, an IRS agent (Matthew 9:9-12), whose former name was Levi (Mark 2:14, Luke 5:27-29); it doesn’t mention how he recruited the other five. John was the Head Coach’s good friend and assistant coach, who also recruited some of his players (Matthew 11:1-7, Luke 7:18-24)


Some other players that the Head Coach recruited didn’t want to play for him and transferred to other universities, the portal thing today (Matthew 8:19-22, 19:20-22, Mark 10:17-22, Luke 18:18-24). He also recruited some of the world’s team players to play for him (Matthew 19:23-30, Mark 10:23-31, Luke 18:25-30, John 8:30-33)


The Head Coach of the competitor’s world team was an experience Head Coach but wasn’t a player coach; he just stayed in the shadows. He went by his nickname, “The Devil, alias Satan.” He also hand-picked his team consisting of many people with swords and clubs (Matthew 26:47). His team also included a whole band of Roman soldiers (Matthew 27:27)


By the time the game started, the Head Coach’s team was down to “one, guess who?” it wasn’t a COVID-19 Protocol thing why the others couldn’t compete; they just decided they didn’t want to compete. But, all the world’s team was fired up to compete, and they substituted freely throughout the competition. Which do you think had the advantage going into the game? What was the over/under or the point spread? 

The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, The Teacher, Part 1 #3 


The Head Coach had a unique way he taught his players so they could compete at their highest level in the game. The first thing he taught them was that if you are going to be successful it’s a team sport and you play the game as one. His training techniques were unique and training was 365 days a year


For us today as believers we need to compete at our highest level in the game of life. To compete against the wiles of the devil (Ephesians 6:11) takes training 365 days a year. We are one body in Christ, and all of us are members of this one body (Romans 12:5). We study to show ourselves approved unto God, not man to rightly divide his word of truth (2 Timothy 2:15). We do this by knowing all scripture is given by God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, and correction, which is instruction in righteousness. Why the answer is so we can be perfect and thoroughly furnished unto all good works (2 Timothy 3:16-19). That is how we compete in the game of life


How Jesus taught his coaches and players


1 – They didn’t have time off in the summer, but were sent out as a group to recruit other teammates; the head coach thought this was a good way to build future players. So, he sent his twelve hot shots to hot spots to recruit and they had some amazing results, including raising dead recruits from the dead. The best recruits aren’t weak, sick, injured, or dead!

  • The Head Coach gave his recruiting coaches power to cast out unclean spirits, heal all manner of sickness, all manner of disease, and raise the dead, especially if they are a 5-star recruit – Matthew 10:1,8


  • When the recruiting coaches had their in-house recruiting visits, they did what Jesus told them to do – Matthew 10:1-16, Mark 3:14, 15, 6:7-13, Luke 9:1-10, 22:35)


2 – Every opportunity that the Head Coach had when he was with his coaching staff and players, he taught by example. He never took time off, but always was ready to heal people that had a need to be healed and raised the dead, not faking or dialing for dollars (Matthew 8:14,15, 9:18,19,23-26, Mark 1:29-31, 5:22-24,35-43, Luke 4:38,39, 6:13-19,8:41,42,49-56)


3 – The Head Coach even taught them to deal with “devilish” fanatical fans (Luke 8:1, 2)


4 – Lots of times the Head Coach taught by using props, today, as sick as it is, the cancer hospitals use kids to sell their products of healing! (Matthew 18:1-10, Mark 9:35-50, Luke 9:46-50)


5 – The Head Coach taught his players how to be successful in life, when you do something, you act upon truth and follow through with those right actions until it becomes successful, it’s the Sower thing! (Matthew 13:1-23, Mark 4:1-20, Luke 8:5-15)


6 – The Head Coach would teach them about future events, but they just didn’t get it (Matthew 20:17-28, Mark 10:32-45, Luke 18:31-34, John 12:17-37)


7 – The Head Coach altered the physical realm to get his point across, like moving mountains and killing trees without herbicides (Matthew 21:18-22, Mark 11:11-24, John 20:19-29)


There is a second part to how Jesus taught his coaches and players. Discussing negotiating contracts, with Judas, and even doubting Thomas, stay tuned!


 The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, The Teacher, Part 2 #4 


Along with his assistant coaches, the Head Coach was responsible for plotting a game plan that they would teach to the team. But plotting the game plan sometimes gets hit by a truck, a figure of speech for things happening when you don’t expect them. Jesus being the ultimate Head Coach, controlled his mind, dealt with the situation, and kept putting the game plan together and teaching the team. The issue of blood thing is a great example (Matthew 9:18-26, Mark 5:22-43, Luke 8:41-56)


When believers are confronted with things we don’t expect, how we deal with them determines the outcome, positive or negative. We have the same ability to deal with these situations as the Head Coach because we have his mind, called the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Philippians 2:5,4:8,1 Peter 4:1)


How Jesus taught his coaches and players (part 2)


1 – When the Head Coach negotiated his coach’s contracts, it wasn’t just for a specific number of years but was a lifetime commitment (Mark 3:14, Luke 6:13-16). And he wasn’t a piker when it came to paying them; this was a “fishy contract” (Luke 5:1-11). He also gave his coaching staff a nickname calling them Boanerges, meaning sons of thunder (Mark 3:17). This coaching staff did stay together for a few years; then, they quit their Head Coach (Acts 1:12-26, 6:1-6, 15:1- bye-bye)


2 – His greatest teaching session came when he broke bread with his staff, but the big game was one for the ages the night before. History recorded it, and it was branded the last supper. It ended with all the staff kissing his butt, but then he knew they would all forsake him, taking other jobs (Matthew 26:20-46, Mark 14:17-42, Luke 22:14-46, John 6:66-71,13:1-38)


3 – Mankind’s greatest pep talk before Jesus’ last game as Head Coach (John 14:1-17:26)


4 – One of his coaching staff, Judas was instrumental in the Head Coach being killed after the big game (Matthew 26:14-16, 21-25,46-50, Mark 14:10,11,17-21,42-46, Luke 22:1-6,17-23, 47, 48, John 13:2, 21-30,18:1-5,1 Corinthians 11:23). After he betrayed him for 30 pieces of silver, he had second thoughts and tried to return the money, and maybe he thought they would stop his execution of him if he did. Well, that didn’t work; they executed the Head Coach anyway

After the resurrection of the Head Coach, Judas decided to commit suicide; ironically, the Head Coach would have forgiven him (Matthew 27:3-10, Acts 1:16-25). Another interesting side note, it was known by the coaching staff that Judas would betray him but did nothing to stop him, including the Head Coach (Matthew 10:4, 17:22, 26:2, Mark 3:19, Luke 6:16, John 6:70,71,12:4,21:20-23)


5 – One of the assistant coaches didn’t buy into the Head Coach’s philosophy of how to coach the team, and yes, his name just happened to be Thomas, which I guess is where we get the term “doubting Thomas” (John 11:16,14:1-7,20:24-31,21:1,2)


Stay tuned for the Head Coach as the master recruiter and how he recruited with the intensity of truth

The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Master Recruiter” #5


The Master Recruiter


In Part #3 we briefly dealt with the coaches going out to recruit players with the power that the Head Coach gave them to use, including healing all sicknesses, all diseases, casting out devil spirits, and raising the dead (Matthew 10:1,8), but he was the master recruiter. He communicated with the intensity of truth when he met with the recruits and their families to convince them why they should play for him and the word’s team. As in living life, you can recruit the best players, but it doesn’t guarantee they will play on your team


Matthew 26:56 – But all this was done, that the scriptures of the prophets might be fulfilled. Then all the disciples forsook him and fled 


  • When the Head Coach opened his mouth on the recruiting trail he taught the word, not idle chatter – Matthew 5:1-7:29 (example was the “Sermon on the Mount”)


  • If you were going to play for the Head Coach you would be blessed regardless of what life would throw at you to make you a loser, sickness, and disease are losers! If you were going to be a “Gloomy Gus”, go play for the world’s team – Matthew 5:3-12(the team was blessed), Luke 6:20-23


  • The Head Coach’s words were his bond, he didn’t say things that he could not deliver, he didn’t boast, just spoke the truth about what he could or couldn’t do. The turn the other cheek thing I don’t understand and why the Head Coach taught it, but he did. Maybe he was talking about blocking and tackling?  – Matthews 5:33-48, Luke 6:27-35


  • On the recruiting trail the Head Coach taught his recruits after they become part of his team, they could ask for things they needed. He taught them when you ask you don’t ask to be seen by others (a Biggy thing today – Matthew 6:16-18), don’t use vain(empty) repetitions (the rosary prayer) because they are just worthless, but come into his office close the door behind you and ask him what you need and if it was in my power to give, you will receive (Matthew 6:5-15, Luke 11:1-4)


  • The Head Coach wasn’t a worldly recruiter that seduces, cheats, or does the bait and switch to get a recruit to sign. If you ask you will receive what you asked for, including being healed. If you can give to your teammates if they need something, you freely give to meet their needs. If they ask for food, why would you give them a piece of coal – Matthew 7:7-11, Luke 11:5-13


  • The Head Coach taught his recruits how to think for success, this is the core of this intensity of truth thing. Peoples thinking patterns are molded by whatever church they decide to attend, worldly media they watch and listen to, the elite Hollywood team, or whatever organization they belong to like the “Elks or Moose”. You can’t serve two masters either you serve the head coach and his father or you will serve the world and the things of the world, beware of what you are thinking


  • Most recruiters speak what they think the recruits and their parents want to hear them say, but what is in their heart (the innermost part of their mind – Matthew 12:34, Luke 6:45) is who they are. To lie today to persuade a recruit to be part of the world’s team is the new way of recruiting (Genesis 3:4 – the first whopper, John 8:44 – who the father of lies was)


  • The Head Coach gave his recruits an example of a rich man that trusted in his riches to save his life, but his riches didn’t save his life. What would have saved his life is being rich toward God (Luke 12:13-21). Then he taught his recruits life doesn’t consist of the amount of money you have, but what you think of God’s words that are written (Luke 12:22-31)   


The Head Coach gave his recruits the ABCs for being good teammates and living life to the fullest (Matthew 6:19-34)


A – Don’t think about, listen to or use social media, they are part of the things of the world that steal your life’s dreams and goals. But think what the head coach teaches you to think (1 Corinthians 2:16, 2 Corinthians 10:5, Philippians 2:5,4:8,1 Peter 4:1). On the practice field he taught it takes time to learn, and repetition of truth is the key to success, so think on those things, not the social media things – Matthew 6:19,20


B – He told his team not to be fooled, your daily thinking patterns (your treasures) will mold what you will become, so train daily for success. Life is not a movie or scripted like an actor playing a role, controlling your thoughts moment by moment is – Matthew 6:21


C – He taught them they are in control of the information that comes into their mind, regardless of the circumstances they would be faced with on the playing field of life. If it’s the head coach’s words you will be successful and if it’s not you won’t. The key again is your thoughts need to be riveted on how the head coach thinks, this is the intensity of thinking truth 24 hours a day – Matthew 6:22,23


D – The Head Coach taught you can’t serve two 2 masters when you play on his team, you will either serve and love your teammates, or you will hate them and serve yourself and money – Matthew 6:24


E – The Head Coach’s recruits were young; they had their whole life in front of them. He knew they all weren’t going to make it to the NFL, but they probably did. So, he taught them about their needs in life being met. They shouldn’t have anxious thoughts about what they would eat or their clothing. Doesn’t say they shouldn’t think about them or work to have them, sort of downs the welfare system (mooching off other teammates is not good). In our country, if you can work and don’t, you shouldn’t eat (2 Thessalonians 3:10). The Head Coach taught if you are not able to practice or train, you won’t be playing in the big game of life – Matthew 6:25-32, Luke 12:22-31


F – He taught when you are playing in the game of life don’t think about the future. Concentrating on and doing the right things in the present will bring future abundance – Matthew 6:33,34


G – If you want to be a great teammate don’t be a hypocrite judging and correcting your teammates if you are doing the same thing. Change yourself first then you can teach your teammates to do the same – Matthew 7:1-5, Luke 6:37-42



The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat,” The Playing Field” #6 


The Playing Field



The playing field started in the garden of Gethsemane and was the 1st quarter of the game (Matthew 26:30-36, Mark 14:26-52, Luke 22:39-54, John 15:1-18:12). The game wasn’t going well at this point, so the Head Coach took a time out before the end of the first quarter and gave a pep talk for the ages (John 15:1-17:26). He taught his team they needed to compete on a higher level to be victorious. So, he pulled a rabbit out of the hat, and told them about a trick play they would have available to them before the game ended (Acts 1:4-8- something to do with God’s Spirit entering the game!)


Then the playing field proceeded to the high priest’s palace where the 2nd quarter was played (Matthew 26:57-27:1, Mark 14:53-72, Luke 22:55-71, John 18:13-23). The Head Coach was criticized and mocked by the world’s team. This brings us to half time and there were no marching bands playing fight songs


The 3rd quarter was played on the grounds of the governor with the best plays being played out in the common hall area (Matthew 27:2-10, Mark 15:1, Luke 23:1-12, John 18:28-38). Two of the major players on the world’s team were Pilate, their quarterback, nicknamed “the governor,” and Herod, their middle linebacker, who the head coach nicknamed him “the fox (Luke 13:31, 32) I am serious, check it out).” He was referring to him being cunning and deceitful, and he made havoc in the backfield of the Head Coach’s team



The final quarter was played in Golgotha, meaning a place of a skull (Matthew 27:31-56, 15:20-41, Luke 23:26-49, John 19:16-37). The intensity picked up on both sides and when it seemed hopeless to pull out the victory the Head Coach’s team on the last play of the game “*********,” you will just have to wait for the play-by-play to find out. But what I can disclose is was the greatest ending to the greatest game ever played!


The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Game Plan” #7


 The Game Plan


What is a perfect game plan and is it available to even think of such a thing?


Alabama’s football team and their coach Nick Saban have won 7 BCS National Championship games since 2007, That’s 50% of the championship games played in 14 years, not bad, but not perfect. Jesus as our head coach can put together a perfect game plan for us to live the game of life winning 100% of the time


The “Perfects,” first when Jesus was alive, then after the day of Pentecost


When the Head Coach was alive, he taught the perfect game plan to Israel alone


  • Is God perfect? The Head Coach taught Israel’s team could achieve Godly perfection, can’t top that – Matthew 5:48


  • The Head Coach told the young men to sell what they had and follow him if they want to be perfect – Matthew 19:16-22


  • Teammates are not above their Head Coach; they would have to strive to be perfect as he was – Luke 6:40



After the day of Pentecost, the definition of the perfect game changed. Now the Gentiles were included in being part of the Head Coach’s team – Acts 10:45, Ephesians 3:6


  • The Head Coach taught in John 17:23 referring to after Pentecost that the team would be in him (Christ Jesus) and God was in him, and the teammates would be perfect in one team


Overall, the game plan included the goal of being perfect with the following components that were put together before the game was played. Goals are important in life, think things through before reacting to the moment which can be right or wrong


  • The team can know what is the perfect will of the Head Coach (the Head Coach’s “Head Coach,” God) – Romans 12:2 (1 Corinthians 2:4-7-know God’s wisdom)


  • God’s Spirit makes the team perfect, not the physical way they play the game – Galatians 3:3, James 1:17 (this spiritual knowledge comes from God)


  • After Pentecost part of the game plan is for the teammates to present themselves perfect in the Head Coach (Christ Jesus) – Colossians 1:28


  • As teammates, your heart’s desire for each other is to compete perfectly in the game carrying out the will of your Head Coach (in life our Head Coach is God!) – Colossians 4:12


  • The game plan was designed to include all the tools that would lead to a perfect ending – 2 Timothy 3:16, 17


  • Great teammates watch what they say especially when they tweet. Don’t hurt your teammates when you speak. This is a Biggy, don’t destroy your teammates with an evil tongue – James 3:2-10


  • The final point on the game plan’s path to victory is carrying it out without fear of your competition, the head coach calls this playing the game with God’s love which casts out the fear! – 1 John 4:18



Game plans are game plans, but how you execute the game plan is what leads to the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat!


  • Injury is a great concern, it’s one thing that affects a game plan being played out. The game plan includes remaining in perfect physical health, and if you were injured in the game, you can be healed in the Head Coach’s name – Acts 3:16 (Acts 3:1-8)


  • As the team starts to carry out the game plan, they need to be mentally sharp, be in good comfort (staying confident to compete), like-minded, and peaceful. If they did the God of love and peace would be with them, if they didn’t they would lose the game – 2 Corinthians 13:11, 1 Peter 5:10(also includes being established, strengthen, and settled mentally)


  • When you are in the heat of the competition your mind needs to be focused on perfect thoughts or you will lose. If not, the Head Coach can show you how to correct your thoughts when they are not perfect – Philippians 3:15


  • When things are going south in the big game, the Head Coach’s job is to show you what the team is doing wrong and correct them to get back to the perfect game plan – 1 Thessalonians 3:10


  • As the game is playing out a mental mindset of patience is needed to be victorious. This mindset includes the team knowing they will not lose – James 1:4

The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Pep Talk: #8


The Pep Talk Wasn’t “Win One for the ‘Gipper'”


Where did the phrase “Win one for the Gipper” come from?


Knute Rockne was the coach of the Notre Dame football team in the 1920s and George Gipp was his star player. The story goes that Gipp fell ill and when dying, he asked Rockne to promise that, when things were going badly for the team, he should inspire them by asking them to “Win one for the Gipper”


The Head Coach probably delivered the greatest pep talk of all time and it wasn’t “Win one for the Gipper”, but ” It is Finished.” You may ask what was finished or what the heck he told his team before going out on the playing field to start the greatest game ever played? This was the moment in time that changed the course of history forever!


Before the game ended, the Head Coach gave up his life for the team, and with his last breath, he stated “It is Finished,” (Matthew 27:50-56, Mark 15:37-41, Luke 23:45-49, John 19:28-30). The redemption of mankind from the time that sin entered the world because of Adam’s disobedience (Romans 5:12) would now become available when he was raised from the dead. Now we have our free will right as sons of God to live victoriously in the game of life


The Pep Talk


  • You compete to win the game – 1 Corinthians 9:24 (compete to win), Galatians 2:2 (don’t compete to lose), Philippians 2:16


  • Play every snap with temperance (exercise self-control) striving for the crown, the big game’s trophy – 1 Corinthians 9:25 (Philippians 3:14-the high calling of God). You put all mental problems out of your mind and play the game with patience – Hebrews 12:1


  • The Head Coach used the analogy of a fighter when he is fighting doesn’t just beat the air, he beats his opponent, the world’s team – 1 Corinthians 9:26


  • The players on the word team bring their bodies into subjection (controlled), if all the teammates did this, they would be a force to be reckoned with and hard to beat. If they didn’t, they would lose the big game – 1 Corinthians 9:27


  • The other team will try to mentally and physically (like helmet-to-helmet hits which are penalties) to distract you from not playing your best and not carrying out the game plan –Galatians – 5:7


  • The Head Coach explained to his team that it was a spiritual battle more than a physical contest (Ephesians 6:12). And it would take using all of God’s armor to stand against this spiritual power. They would have to compete with their loins (including their jockstraps) girt about with truth, breastplate (football shoulder pads) of righteousness (the right standard for playing the game) –Ephesians 6:13-17


  • During the game keep your eyes on the prize, the high calling of God – Hebrews 12:1


  • The Head Coach used the athletic analogies from the word to train his team mentally for the competition. But he also trained them physically sending them into other cities to preach the word and heal people, mostly their physical training consisted of walking – Matthew 10:1-11:1, Mark 6:7-13,30,31, Luke 9:1-10,10:1-24! 


Now, let’s get ready for the big game, the kick-off, and the first quarter!


The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The First Quarter # 9


The First Quarter Played in the Garden of Gethsemane


Before the Head Coach’s team took the field, he gave a “pep talk for the ages.” Part of it was spent in prayer, pretty intense prayer to say the least. The Head Coach was passionate and was in agony to the point his sweat was like droplets of blood (Luke 22:44) – Matthew 26:36-45 (the betrayal – 26:45-50, Mark 14:41-45, Luke 22:47,48, John 18:1-5), Mark 14:32-40, Luke 22:40-46


Before the kickoff, as they were running out of the tunnel, the world’s team hired armed gangsters who tried to kill the Head Coach, and they failed – Matthew 26:46-52, Mark 14:42-46, Luke 22:47-49, John 18:4-9 (The Head Coach speaks and the world’s team falls on their butts!)


The Head Coach won the coin toss and deferred to the 2nd half to receive the ball. He decided to go on defense first quarter to stop his opponent from scoring and on offense at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. The world’s team received the kickoff and immediately went on the offense throwing everything but the kitchen sink at the word’s team


On their 1st series of the game, they came out throwing swords and staves (clubs), what a game plan! – Matthew 26:55,56, Mark 14:43,48, Luke 22:52, John 18:3 


The word’s team countered by cutting off the ear of the world’s team safety. The Head Coach called a time out and reattached the ear to the safety’s head – Matthew 26:51,52, Mark 14:47-49, Luke 22:49-51, John 18:10, 11


The Head Coach played the balance of the 1st quarter conservatively, not giving his opponent his best shot, which would have been using as substitutes 12 legions of angels (that’s 72,000) – Matthew 26:53-54


The intensity was fierce, by the end of the quarter all the players on the Head Coach’s team had left the playing field, leaving him to play the balance of the game by himself – Matthew 26:56 (they just quit), Mark 14:50 (they fled), John 6:61-71 (did the head coach have bad breath?)



The score at the end of the first quarter was the world’s team 14 and the head coach’s team 0. Would the world’s team shut out the Head Coach’s team? For the soccer (football), or cricket fans that means the other team doesn’t score any points!

The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Second Quarter” #10



The Second Quarter Played in the High Priest’s Palace


After Jesus’ arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, he dealt with the religious elite that hated him and would end up killing him. Mentally he was dealing with the reality he was going to be killed. He could have walked away from the playing field and lived, but he didn’t, making eternal life and healing available to mankind! 


As the big game of life played out it’s hard to put in words what happened during this confrontation

Matthew 26:57-75, Mark 14:51-72, Luke 22:54-71, John 18:13-27


The Head Coach was now the only player on the word’s team after his team fled because of fearing the world’s team, he faced eleven players on the world’s team. A defensive lineman weighing about 350 pounds told him we are going to kill you as he broke 2 big chains over his head, they also had trash talking back then. The Head Coach lined up to take the first snap to himself, looked the defensive lineman in the eye, and ran over him on the way to the word’s team’s first score (the lineman’s name may have been Legion – Mark 5:1-15, Luke 8:27-35)


The world’s coaching staff just stood there muttering to themselves saying how do we kill him, knowing they would lose the big game if they didn’t


After the Head Coach’s touchdown, he played defense, because the world’s team aggressively went on offense using tactics that were not called penalties by the refs

  • They humiliated him by spitting on him, slapping him, and punching him when he was blindfolded multiple times after each play – Matthew 26:66-68, Mark 14:63-65, Luke 22:63-65, John 18:22,23


  • Interesting side note, Peter almost got back in the game but ended up fleeing again. Peter told the Head Coach he would never deny him, and would rather die with him (Matthew 26:33-35, Mark 14:26-31, John 13:33-38)


  • Peter lied, fellowshipped with the opposing team, cursed and swore about his Head Coach, and denied he even knew him – Matthew 26:58,69-75, Mark 14:54,66-72, Luke 22:54-62 (The head coach looked at Peter and said nothing!), John 18:15-18,25-27


The Head Coach broke another long run for a touchdown by using the power given to him by his Father, called Holy Spirit, and the opposing team could do nothing except say it’s not fair – Matthew 26:62-65, Mark 14:60-63, Luke 22:66-71


The score at halftime was the world’s team 21, and the Head Coach’s word team 14

The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “Halftime Entertainment” #11



The entertainment at halftime wasn’t marching bands or rock stars but was a simple video on the second coming of Christ, the Head Coach. I usually don’t watch videos, but this is a must-see. So buckle up and consider this representation of future promises coming to pass…



The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Third Quarter and the Pilate Thing” #12


The 3rd quarter was played on the grounds of the Governor, Pontius Pilate


The world’s team substituted their starters with backups, giving the starters a well-earned break. The backups were a band of Roman soldiers made up of 400-600 men (Matthew 27:27– the 10th part of a Roman legion), a tad more than the 11 starters


As we mentioned before, the Head Coach won the coin toss (He called Heads). He deferred to the 2nd half to receive the ball and went on offense. The world’s team was now on defense and their goal was to take the Head Coach out of the game since he was the only member of the word’s team left to compete in the game


Their game plan was simple, they plotted to kill him by any means possible, so he couldn’t complete the game, which would insure them of the victory – Matthew 27:1,20-25, Mark 15:13-15, Luke 23:21-23, John 18:14, 29-32,19:6,15,16


During the halftime break, the world’s coaching staff infiltrated the Head Coach’s locker room. To put a label on it, let’s call it “Judas Gate.” Many of you might remember “Spy-Gate,” when the NFL caught the New England Patriots illegally videotaping coaching signals of the New York Jets, a scandal the media called “Spy Gate.” Will cover the whole scandal after the game ends – Matthew 27:3-10



Let’s get to the play-by-play, as the 3rd quarter plays out


They brought the Head Coach to Pontius Pilate, who was the head referee in the 3rd quarter. He wanted to call penalties on the world’s team ownership, but he was paid off with a bribe, so he didn’t


The head referee asked the Head Coach many times if he was the Head Coach or the king of the Jews – Matthew 27:11-14, Mark 15:1-5, Luke 23:1-5, John 18:28-38, 19:6,9-16


The head referee went to instant replay to see if a penalty should have been called. Herod, the head of the replay decided the Head Coach wasn’t worthy of death and sent him back to Pilate after reviewing the play – Luke 23:6-15


The custom on the day the BCS College Football Championship Game (the Passover feast) was played was to free a criminal. Pilate wanted the Head Coach freed, but the fans stirred up by the world’s team ownership wanted him to free Barabbas a murderer. Pilate caved and released the murderer- Matthew 27:15-26, Mark 15:6-15, Luke 23:16-25, John 18:39, 40


Going in for the kill, the world’s team scourge(whipped), mocked, beat, spit on, and hammered a crown of thorns into the head of the Head Coach, but he didn’t leave the game – Matthew 27:26-31, Mark 15:15-20, Luke 23:1-25, John 19:1-6


Nobody scored in the third quarter, so the score remained the same, world’s team 21, and the word’s team 14

The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Fourth Quarter” #13


The 4th Quarter was played out in Golgotha, a place of a skull (place of death)


The Head Coach was mentally and physically beaten, tortured, and killed. This must have caused him unimaginable mental stress knowing he was going to have to die to free both teams from their sin nature caused by the first player coach, Adam!  


The Mental Beating


  • The world’s team tried to afflict, humble, and oppress the Head Coach – Isaiah 53:4, 7


  • The Head Coach mentally dealt with his word’s team fans, knowing he would die to set them free from their grief (sicknesses) and sorrows (infirmities, pains) – Isaiah 53:3, 4, 10


  • He was despised, and rejected by the world’s team fans, including the Pharisees, part of the religious elite – Isaiah 53:3, John 1:10, 11, 8:48(they thought he was possessed – 10:20), Matthew 10:22 (the Head Coach and his team were hated – 24:9, Mark 13:13, Luke 21:17, John 15:18)


  • He understood at some point he would have to die to make available to mankind God’s peace, paying the price and being punished severely for their unsound minds (chastisement – 53:4,5)      


  • He didn’t answer the trash-talking of the world’s team religious elite, as they built their case to assassinate him – Isaiah 53:7, 1 Peter 2:22, 23         


The Physical Beating

  • The Head Coach would be beaten beyond recognition, even the world’s team was stunned when they look at him, he was unrecognizable, yet mentally the head coach dealt with it and called the next play – Isaiah 52:14(50:6, 53:2, 3)        


  • He would be wounded (pierced, external bleeding) for our transgressions (revolt or rebellion, Adam’s fall) – Isaiah 53:5, 1 Peter 2:22-25 (Would lead to all teammates being healed, if they believe in the ‘Head Coach”)


  • He would be bruised (beaten, internal bleeding) for mankind’s iniquities (internal sin, perverseness) – Isaiah 53:5,10,11


  • This refers to man’s sin nature caused by Adam’s sin of disobedience which was passed upon all the teammates – Romans 5:12


  • To stop him from scoring and to take him out of the game permanently they pierce his hands and feet, with their ultimate goal of nailing him to a cross – Psalm 22:16-18, John 19:31-37


The world’s team called their last time out with only 2 minutes to go in the game, that is good clock management. They were close to their goal of killing the Head Coach, the clock was on their side. The score remained the world’s team 21, the word’s team 14


The last 2 minutes of the game would change the history of mankind forever, stay tuned

The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “Last 2 minutes of the Game” #14



The last 2 minutes of the game would change the history of mankind forever



The goal was to kill the Head Coach of life


The Head Coach (being the shepherd) would be a smitten (killed), and his team (were his sheep) shall be scattered – Zechariah 13:7-9, Matthew 26:31, Mark 14:27 


He would be cut off from the land of the living for the transgressions of God’s of his people, including the world’s team – Isaiah 53:8


There are many more scriptures on killing the son of God from the fall of Adam and Eve in – Genesis 3:14, 15 (The woman’s seed would become “The Head Coach”)


The Assignation


We wrote earlier that all of the word’s team left the Head Coach, but one of the ground crew didn’t, Simon of Cyrene enter the game and carried the ball (his cross) – Matthew 27:32, 33, Mark 15:21,22, Luke 23:26-31 (the Head Coach talked with his cheerleaders, interesting), John – 19:16, 17


A time out was called for a water break, and the world’s team gave the Head Coach vinegar (bad red wine) that was drugged with gall and myrrh to deaden the pain, he refused the offering – Matthew 27:34,48, Mark 15:23,36, Luke 23:36, John 19:28-30


On the last play of the game, they sacked the Head Coach and as the time ran out, they stormed the field and hung him on the middle part of the goal post – Matthew 27:35, Mark 15:24, Luke 23:33, John 19:18,23


They stripped him of his uniform, leaving only his jockstrap, and put a written accusation over his head. “This is your Head Coach the king of the Jews”. Yes, the world team had him where they wanted him – Matthew 27:35-37, Mark 15:24-26(the world’s team wanted part of his uniform, weird?), Luke 23:37,38, John 19:19-22


While the world’s team sat and watch him slowly die, they parted his uniform and cast lots (a form of gambling that involves the drawing of numbers for a prize) – Matthew 27:35, Luke 23:34, John 19:23, 24


Then they found two members of the world’s team that sided with the Head Coach, so they hung both of them from the upper goal posts with the Head Coach in the middle – Matthew 27:38, Mark 15:27,28, Luke 23:32,33,39-43(he talked with them and builds them up, that’s what a head coach does!)

Then they mocked the Head Coach, telling him if he trusted in God why not ask him to save him now – Matthew 27:39-44, Mark 15:29-32, Luke 23:35-43


During this period of mocking the Head Coach’s mother arrived on the playing field and he asked the fans he trusted to take care of her, which they did – Matthew 27:55, 56, Mark 15:40, 41, John 19:25-27


In the end, the world’s team achieved their goal, and the Head Coach gave up his life, making the statement that would change mankind, “It is finished,” what his father told him to do, he accomplished!


The world’s team didn’t understand that statement when they heard it as they watch him die. Giving each other high fives celebrating his death as they storm the playing field in victory – Matthew 27:45-54 (the veil temple was torn in half and the grave thing happened when bodies came out of them?) Mark 15:33-41, Luke 23:44-49 (Also the playing field darkened and a fog set in from noon and became completely dark at 3 PM), Matthew 27:45, Mark  15:33, John 19:30


Next up is the post-game press conference, when it was over, it did result in changing mankind forever! 


The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Preparation for the Post Game Press Conference” #15



The preparation for the post-game press conference


The women cheerleaders played an important part in preparing for the press conference. In history many times women are the game-changers. After the death of the Head Coach, they swung into action. Where was his team? They left the playing field and didn’t show up for the press conference. Just think of it, his main players, the twelve he lived with just left! They must have thought the Head Coach wasn’t the Head Coach


“Head Coach of life”!


The cheerleaders follow from afar noting what the world’s team was doing with the Coach’s body – Matthew 27:55,56, Mark 15:40,41,47 (they saw where he was laid),16:1 (wanted to anoint him, for the tomb was still open) Luke 23:49,54-56 (they came with Joseph to bury the Head Coach)


They witness Joseph of Arimathea when he begged Pilate for the body of the Head Coach and prepared him for burial and buried him in his tomb – Matthew 27:57-60, Mark 15:15:43-46, Luke 23:50-54, John 19:38-42 (Nicodemus was with Joseph and help to bury the Head Coach)


Probably the woman took part in the preparation of his body, being present at the tomb – Matthew 27:61, Mark 16:1, Luke 23:56

The world’s team management paid money to secure the tomb and didn’t want anybody stealing his body and saying he was alive – Matthew 27:62-66


The cheerleaders followed the corpse of the Head Coach to the cemetery, they were there when the tomb was sealed as the world’s team guards took over to guard the tomb, so no one would steal his body and they were there the next morning when all hell broke loose at the press conference!


Next up is the post-game press conference, when it was over, it did result in changing mankind forever!


Click to view this amazing video of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ

The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Post Game Press Conference” #16



It’s important to understand we have four Gospels that refer to the resurrection of the Head Coach. How the post-conference played out in real-time is a mixture of these four records, one fascinating chronological sequence!


Again, the female cheerleaders lead the way, they showed up early the next morning at the tomb, and the Head Coaches’ teammates were still nowhere to be found


Their game plan was to roll away the big stone that blocked the entrance of the Head Coach’s tomb, but when they got there, the stone was already rolled away – Mark 16:2-4, Luke 24:1-4 (added the body was gone)


Now the details of all hell breaking loose started to unfold


  • First, there was a great earthquake – Matthew 28:2
  • Then an angel descended from above, opened the tomb, and sat on the rock – Matthew 28:2
  • The world’s team guards became like dead men when they saw the angel who looked like lightning, and his clothes were white as snow – Matthew 28:3,4
  • The owners of the world’s team were told what happened by some of the men that were guarding the tomb. They did what normally takes place today: miss information, spin, and coverup. Money was involved, but this coverup didn’t work – Matthew 28:11-15


Mary Magdalene was the head cheerleader, out of whom the Head Coach had cast out 7 devils – Mark 16:9, John 20:1, 11-18


  • She was the first to come to the Head Coach’s tomb early the next day
  • She talked with the two angels, asking them where they took the body – John 20:12,13
  • As she was talking to the angels the Head Coach appeared behind her. She originally thought he was a gardener when she saw him – John 20:14, 15
  • The Head Coach spoke to her and asked why she was crying, she answered and asked him where they took the body – John 20:15
  • Then he called her Mary, and then she knew he was the Master Head Coach calling him Rabbani (meaning master)- John 20:16
  • He told her not to touch him, why? In Matthew 28:9 the cheerleaders held him by his feet. There was a point in time when he ascended to his Father, then came back to earth between talking to Mary and meeting the other cheerleaders. My mind goes to a superman flying around the universe with his head cheerleader, Lois Lane – John 20:17
  • She then told Peter first in John 20:2-10, then the other ten teammates in Mark 16:10, 11 that she had seen and talked to the Head Coach. One would think they would have been cheering, not these teammates, they called her a liar and didn’t believe her


Peter visited the tomb of the Head Coach two times and still didn’t believe he had risen from the dead!


  • The first was after Mary told him he was alive. He and another disciple ran to the tomb to see if it was true, they looked in saw the linen cloths, and left wondering. Wondering and believing what? – John 20:2-10
  • They believed he wasn’t there, but don’t think they believed he was raised from the dead. John 20:9 says they didn’t believe the Head Coach when he told them he would be raised from the dead. Then they just went home! – John: 20:2-10


Between Peter’s first and second visits to the tomb, the angel delivered the punch line talking to the cheerleaders that changed history, “The Head Coach had risen from the dead.” – Matthew 28:5,6, Mark 16:5,6, Luke 24:5-8 (Angels added, why to seek the living among the dead, he has risen, don’t you remember he told you he would rise?)


His cheerleaders were told by the angel to go tell his team that he was now alive. They must have been in shape because they ran to their teammates with the good news – Matthew 28:7,8, Mark 16:7,8 (they entered the tomb), Luke 24:3-9

  • As they were on the way to tell his teammates the Head Coach met the cheerleaders and gave them a pep talk. He told them where he wanted his team to meet him (Galilee) – Matthew 28:9,10
  • When the cheerleaders met up with the team and told them the Head Coach was alive and some still didn’t believe – Matthew 28:10, Mark 16:10,11, Luke 24:9-11, John 20:18
  • Then Peter’s second visit was after the other cheerleaders told the eleven disciples that He had risen from the dead. He again saw the linen cloths there, but no Head Coach and wondered if this did come to pass that he rose from the dead? – Luke 24:9-12


The Head Coach now appeared out of thin air to two men, one named Cleopas as they were walking to a town called Emmaus. Later they told the eleven teammates he was alive, and they didn’t believe them either – Mark 16:12,13, Luke 24:13-35


Consider the exchange between the Head Coach and two fans. At this point, he had risen from the dead, but hadn’t ascended to his Father

  • The Head Coach could change form, and people could communicate with him. As they talked with him, they called him a stranger not knowing it was he that had been killed – Luke 24:15-18
  • Then he asked the two what had happened and they told him, still not knowing who they speaking with: They had to be disciples of the Head Coach because they knew the cheerleaders who were part of the same team – Luke 24:15-24
  • He then called them fools and asked them why they hadn’t believed in the Head Coach, referring to himself while he was alive. Then he taught them about the redeemer of mankind from Moses on, and they still didn’t recognize him – Luke 24:25-27
  • As it was getting late, they ask him to stay for dinner and the Head Coach accepted their invitation – Luke 24:28, 29
  • The Head Coach blessed and broke bread and gave it to them, at that exact point in time they knew who he was and he vanished out of their sight – Luke 24:30,31


At the Head Coach’s last supper before his death, he taught about his body and his blood, referring to him dying for mankind. Interesting note, the two fans had to know of this meal because when he broke the bread, they knew it was him! – Matthew 26:26-28, Mark 14:22-24, Luke 22:19, 20


The next post deals with the Head Coach meeting up with his team face to face and there still was one “Doofus” that didn’t believe it was him


The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Head Coach meets his team” #17(Part 1)


Disclaimer: I will do the best I can to properly give the order of events of Jesus’s appearances to his team as they took place. We are dealing with four gospel records of the same event


After the season is over the Head Coach does two things, he takes in-home visits when he is recruiting for next year’s team, and then he goes to the booster clubs and gives pep talks to build the fan base. During his three appearances, he taught his team a lot of things, hopefully, we have explained correctly how they took place  


The first time the Head Coach appeared to his team was on a mountain in Galilee, which might be the same place where he taught the sermon on the mount – Matthew 16:20(5:1-7:29)


The two fans that the Head Coach spent the day with, and Mary (John 20:18) told the team he was alive. At that point, the Head Coach appeared out of thin air in their midst as they were eating dinner, and he told them to be peaceful. Their response was very unpeaceful, they were terrified, full of fear, and doubted that it was him, they even thought he was a spirit, but they were glad he was alive! – Matthew 28:16, 17, Mark 16:14-18, Luke 24:36-38, John 20:19 (doors were locked because they feared the Jews (the world’s team)

  •  The Head Coach seemed to be pretty pissed off about their unbelief and their hardened hearts, why didn’t they believe the cheerleaders and the two fans that told them I was alive? – Mark 16:14


  • He asked them why they had negative thoughts arise in their hearts (their minds). “Look at my hands and feet, touch me, I am flesh and blood and not a spirit” – Luke 24:38-40, John 20:20


  • While they didn’t believe they were joyful and wondered. Do we call this half-believing or wishy-washy believing at best? – Luke 24:41


  • Being the Head Coach, he was always coaching, he asked them do they have any meat? They gave him a piece of broiled fish and a honeycomb (Beeswax?) and he ate in front of them – Luke 24:41-43


  • He taught his team the same thing he taught the two fans concerning him being the redeemer of mankind from Moses, the prophets, and Psalms – Luke 24:44,45


  • He taught them about the coming new birth, which was still the future. He explained repentance and remission of sins would be taught in his name to all nations (not just the Jewish nation), starting from Jerusalem – Luke 24:46-49


  • He now delivered a blockbuster, his team was going to receive the Spirit of his Father, but first, go to Jerusalem and stay there until they would be popped with Spiritual Power from above – Luke 24:49, John 20:21,22, Acts 1:2-8 (baptized with God’s Spirit, not water, God said Spirit, man says water, you choose!) 


  • He gave them a pep talk, told them he now had all power over heaven and earth – Matthew 28:18


  • Go to all parts of the world and teach his fans how to play the game: He was starting to unfold the game plan of life – Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-19


  • He also told them whose sins you remit (released), they are remitted, but if they wanted to keep their sins, that was fine also – John 20:23


  • One of the eleven named Thomas wasn’t present at this meeting. His teammates told him they had seen the Head Coach, he replied unless he saw the nail prints in his hands and stick his fingers into his side he won’t believe – John 20:24, 25


The second time the Head Coach appeared to his team was 8 days later, this time Thomas was with them – John 20:26


  • The Head Coach told Thomas to look at his hands and thrust his hands into his side, now do you believe? Thomas replied “My Lord and My God” – John 20:27, 28


  • He told the team, it’s great Thomas now believed, but better are the ones that don’t see me and believe – John 20:29


  • Then he did many other signs, and taught them they should believe that he was the Christ, the Son of God, and believing in him you will have eternal life through his name (here is the hidden treasure of being a son of God, it’s now available to be in perfect health – 3 John 2)John  20:30, 31


The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Head Coach’s Fishing Trip” #18(Part 2)


The third time the Head Coach met his team they went on a fishing expedition. He surprised the team at the seashore of the sea of Tiberias. Why did he appear again? They knew and believed he had risen from the dead. His game plan for these appearances to his team was in two phases


The first was they had to believe he had risen from the dead, if they didn’t, then the second phase would have never happened!


Secondly, to fulfill making available the new birth after the day of Pentecost, they would have to carry out his instructions. He just knew they needed more coaching to go out and perform in the game of life


The Fishing Trip


Some of the members of the team were fishermen by trade and they returned to what they knew to make a living. They didn’t completely understand what the Head Coach wanted them to do. They didn’t see the positive effect they would have on mankind – John 21:1-3

  • In the morning as they were coming ashore the Head Coach met them, but they didn’t recognize him – John 21:4


  • He asked them if they had any fish to eat, and they said no, they had caught nothing – John 21:5


  • Then he taught them how to fish, and where to cast the net, which they did reluctantly – John 21:6


  • Now the haul of fish was immense, and finally, they dragged the nets to the shore. When Peter recognized it was the Head Coach standing on the shore, he stripped off his clothes and swam about 200 cubits (100 yards) to the shore- John 21:7, 8


  • When his team finally reached the shore, the Head Coach had already prepared dinner and was cooking the fish that they caught, along with providing bread out of thin air, the sea doesn’t produce bread – John 21:9


  • Peter counted 153 great (that’s big!) fish, and the nets didn’t break They ate together and broke bread. The Head Coach tried to teach the team about his body that was shed for the upcoming new birth – John 21:10-14


Before the game of life started the Head Coach closed his teaching calling out Peter, who later would be the leader of the team after the day of Pentecost – John 21:15-19


  • He asked Peter three times, do you love me more them the other members of the team, the first time he said if you do feed my lambs (males). The second time, he said feed my sheep (females), by the way, there is no third gender!


  • Peter’s answer the first time was, “yes Lord.” The second time he said, “yes Lord, you know I love you,” and the third time he was grieved that he kept asking him, “Lord you know all things and you know I love you”


  • Remember when Peter had said he wouldn’t deny the Head Coach, but he had – Matthew 26:33-35 (he would rather die), 26:58,69-75(he denied him three times of knowing him and cursed!)


Then Peter changed the subject and looked at his teammates and asked the Head Coach who betrayed him? – John 21:20-23

  • Peter continues, what are you going to do to him?


  • The Head Coach answered Peter, telling him it is none of your business, If I would want him to live, he could also receive God’s Spirit on or after Pentecost. Judas being the teammate that betrayed him, committed suicide before he had the chance to be part of the great team of having eternal life!


The Head Coach didn’t appear to his team after this point. He knew his team was game time ready to carry out the game plan that would make available the new birth to mankind starting at Jerusalem on the day of Pentecost!


One astounding thing happened before his take-off, he had taught them everything they needed to know about the day of Pentecost becoming a reality. Then they ask the Head Coach if he was going to restore the kingdom to Isreal at this time, which means they still didn’t understand the new birth would be available to “all people of the Earth” not to just one nation – Acts 1:6, 7(Matthew 28:19, Acts 1:8)


The last post of the series is about how the team carried out the game of life


The Thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat, “The Team carried out, The Game of Life” #19



The last time out



Before the Head Coach’s launch, he prepared his Team for what they would do after the day of Pentecost. He told them to go into all the world and teach the gospel of the kingdom of God, which started on Pentecost, which they did – Acts 2:1-28:29(Mark 16:14-20)


  • He told them to go forth and preach everywhere, and he would be working with them, referring to after Pentecost – Mark 16:15


  • Told the Team to teach the new birth, he that believes would be saved, and he that doesn’t will be damned – Mark 16:16


  • These signs would follow them that believe in the Head Coach’s name – Mark 16:17


  • They would cast out devils, speak in new tongues, would be healed, and if they got bit by any poisonous animal or insect, they wouldn’t be hurt – Mark 16:18 


The Head Coach explained one more time the “Game Plan” to his Team – Acts 1:1-8


  • He showed himself alive for 40 days with many proofs that he was alive. Remember, this was the first thing they had to get into their hard heads, that he was alive


  • He taught the Team for 40 days about the kingdom of God. In God’s word, there are only three occurrences of him appearing to his Team 


  • He instructed them not to depart from Jerusalem until they received the promise of his Father


  • John did baptize with water, but they would be baptized with God’s Spirit


After listening to the above, they asked him an idiotic question. He had taught them everything they needed to know about the day of Pentecost becoming a reality


  • They asked if he would restore the kingdom to Israel at this time?


  • They still didn’t understand the new birth would be available to “all people of the Earth” not just to the Nation of Israel – Acts 1:6, 7(Matthew 28:19, Acts 1:8– adds to the uttermost part of the earth


The Launch


  • As the Team was standing around just trying to absorb what the Head Coach had told them, suddenly, he went up! At this point, he fulfilled his earthly coaching career 


  • Now is the next job, which was being at the right hand of God started (he became God’s right-hand man), and his new “Coaching Job” included running the heavens and the earth – Mark 16:19, Ephesians 1:18-23


  • His take-off point was Bethany – Luke 24:50,51


  • He made a rest stop in a cloud and was taken out of his Team’s sight – Acts 1:9


  • The Head Coach took one last precaution; he positioned two members of his coaching staff (Angels), which appeared behind the Team. As the Team stared and were awestruck as the Head Coach went up, they told the Team, hey, wake up and get your butts to Jerusalem as he told you to do – Acts 1:10, 11


Now the “Game of Life” played out


  • After the launch from the mount of Olive, they went to Jerusalem with great joy – Luke 24:52, 53, Acts 1:9-12


  • The eleven members of the Team huddled in an upper room and recruited Matthias, a twelfth teammate, to replace Judas who killed himself – Acts 1:13-26

The Team took a knee, Game Over!


  • Now, with the head Coach watching from anywhere he wanted to, he looked down, and his Team finally played out the play of the game of life by receiving God’s Spirit and unleashing the new birth upon all humanity, despite the world’s team attempts to destroy it, referring to the new birth, they weren’t happy losers


  • Now he is coaching from above and watching his Team compete in the game of life by using God’s Spirit, the power from on high that they receive on the day of Pentecost


  • Although it may look like the world’s Team is winning, the final stage is set for the Head Coach to return and save humanity. Game over, His return may be today! – 1 Corinthians 15:51-58, 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18


This is the last post in the BCS College Football Championship Game series. On to the next Russia Vs. Ukraine starting next week, and may God bless you and your Family’s lives

What’s New!


  • The thrill of Victory or the Agony of Defeat is done, but the Head Coach is not done. Just as he confronted Paul in Acts 9, he will confront the killing of Believers, including children in Ukraine 


Vertigo is a serious problem that causes the perception of movement, spinning or whirling – either of yourself or surrounding objects, causing balance problems. We will detail what you can do on your own to help relieve it 


  • Associated with Vertigo and lack of mobility or instability (feels like you are wobbling when you walk), one cause is a pinched nerve in the lower back, lumbar region of l-4 to L5. Sciatica usually runs down the left side of the leg and causes numbness and tingling pain. Another is if you have had blood clots and later develop problems with the feet. The medical term is “Post-Thrombotic Syndrome.” Presently I am going through both. I have learned simple things such as not wearing socks, stretching, and supplements that help the blood flow to the feet I will be sharing. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions

God loves us too!!!

Our Military

 For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body,

whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free;

and have been all made to drink into one Spirit– 1 Corinthians 12:13


Our statement of belief

  • God has given us “all things that pertain unto life and godliness.” (2 Peter 1:3), including the availability to be healed in the name of Jesus Christ today after Pentecost. God has given us “gifts of healing by the same Spirit”… “But the same Spirit works all these things, distributing to each one individually as He wills.” (1 Corinthians 12:9-11). 
  • The world offers all kinds of remedies for man’s ailments, but we seek a perspective from God’s Word first and attempt to bring Godly resources for the reader’s consideration.  
  • We have compiled a list of ministries from available sources but cannot guarantee each one. We lay the information out for you, and you decide what’s best for your life. We don’t judge how you minister Biblical healing; the critical point is that you do!
  • It is the responsibility of the person that is seeking the information concerning healing to make up his mind on who to contact; there are no favorites
  • Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with information on Biblical healing to the end; all people are healed!  

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