Biblical Healing Church lists


The Church lists can be broken down by country, state, major area and denomination, if that information is desired

  • Includes name, address, website (when available), and contact email
  • These are our personal lists, not bought lists. We use them ourselves, so we do our best to make them the best we can
  • Emailable cleans the list the first time (duplicates and bounced address are deleted)
  • We personally go through most of the emails to delete spam

This list is added to weekly as time and money allows with our goal of reaching 100,000 churches. In order to reach our goal, we decided to sell our lists to finance the cost to reach are goal!



Additional information

Email Lists

$125-250 emails(.50/each), $225-500 emails(.45/each), $300-750 emails(.40/each), $350-1000 emails(.35/each), $0- Free trial-12 emails, $125-250 emails(.50/each), $225-500 emails(.45/each), $300-750 emails(.40/each), $350-1000 emails(.35/each)


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