Biblical study guide series #5: The Power mindset, What If  There was No Need for Cancer Hospitals?

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This Biblical Study Guide Series #5 includes showing it’s not just saying the words to look good or political correctness, but what if the misery, pain, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, the loss of limbs, and deformities didn’t exist? Seriously, why not give the same time to God’s healing as you do to the world’s treatments.  By the way, God is free!!!

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The Healing Mindset, a Biblical Healing Study Guide 

There are six study guides in this series on healing. The first two build information why people should believe God about being healed and that it is His will for all mankind to be healed. Starting with the fall of Adam and Eve, sickness and disease entered the world. They were made perfect, and after the fall their bodies started deteriorating they died (Romans 5:11, 12).  There was now a need to be healed because death passed upon all mankind, and God was and still is willing to heal us


 What are Biblical Study Guides?  

Fast and easy studies on  subjects  that offer biblical reference to allow the student to make up his or her mind on what the Bible says about healing. In areas of living life today, we spend a lot of time studying social media. Better yet, why not spend at least the same time learning something that can heal you!

This Study Guide gives the information on who Jesus was

Who was Jesus: was he a charlatan, an impostor, or the son of God that made healing available to mankind? The right information comes first then healing follows, not being political correctness or changing words which suppress healing by destroying the information source: out of sight, out of mind.  Israel and believers today have the right to accept or reject this amazing truth that Jesus taught

How to use this Study Guide on Healing

  • The Table of Contents is made up of all the topics of this Study Guide on Healingincluding Major Categories in bold italicized type arranged alphabetically (A thru Zwith Major Subjects and Major Points under the Major Categories

  •  The click-through feature (Ctrl/Click) brings the reader from Major Categories to Major Subjects and Major Points for expanded study of scripture references.  These features work with a downloaded copy only. 



 Table of Contents: Scriptures in this Study from Acts thru Revelations



 1:1-2:47 – Healing and physical safety prior to the first healing

 3:1-13:1 – From the first healing to start of Paul’s ministry

 13:2 – end – Healings from the start of Paul’s ministry


1:4 – Jesus Christ was raised from dead

1:8 – The Roman believers believed the Power of God

5:12, 6:1-23 – These are the things that cause physical death

6:5-11 – The old man nature of sin and death was crucified

6:12-18 – Believers are responsible to not let sin reign over them in living life

6:19 – Infirmity of flesh refers to a physical weakness from birth

6:20-23 – Paul summarizes the choices that mankind makes to live in sin and death

7:24, 25 – Paul continues on the same subject if believers don’t control the flesh

8:2 – Believers are freed from law sin and death and now available to be in health

11:26, 27 – Israel after the day of Pentecost also could be saved

12:1 – Our bodies are a living sacrifice which is acceptable to God, not sickly, diseased ones

15:19 – Gospel fully preached includes health

15:31 – Safety, can be delivered from our enemies

1 Corinthians

1:17-21 – Physical health is included in the new birth

3:17 – The believer’s physical body is called the temple of God

8:1-13 – If believers eat things in public

9:27 – The physical body can be brought under control

10:1-12 – Israel was destroyed (Jude 5) because they lusted after evil things

11:23-30 – When believers don’t understand rightly the truth about the body of Jesus

12:9, 10 – One of the uses of God’s Spirit in believers is spiritual power

15:3 – Jesus Christ died for our sin nature

15:12-27 – This further explain 15:3 why the resurrection of Jesus

15:35-38 – What is this new body that believers will have at the return?

15:42-50 – It will be a spiritual body that won’t corrupt

15:51-56 – The sting of sin and death is finally swallowed up in victory

15:52 – Believers will change from death to a spiritual life

2 Corinthians

3:6 – God’s Spirit gives life, including healing and health    4:10, 11 – Jesus Christ’s life is made manifest in our mortal bodies

5:1-8 – Future bodies of believers at the return of Christ

5:15-18 – Believers are new creatures in Jesus Christ                                                                                   

7:1 – Believers are to cleanse themselves from all filthiness  11:23-28 – Paul was a physical wreck including dying


2:19, 20 – The believers now live in a physical body by believing

3:5 – Miracles referring to healings done by believing

3:13, 14 – If we are redeemed from the curse of the law

5:25 – If believers live in God’s Spirit, referring to its nine uses


1:3 – Believers are blessed with all spiritual blessings

2:1-5 – If believers stay under the power of the world  

3:20 – Its God’s spiritual power that works in believers

4:22 – Old man is corrupt, in a constant state of dying

6:3 – God’s will for believers is to live a longer physical life


1:20-27 – When worldly pressure gets a believer to make negative statements

2:25-27 – God’s mercy on Epaphroditus is referring to God’s healing power


1:2 8 – Being perfect in Christ would have to include health

3:1-4 – We are to think like the resurrected Jesus Christ

4:12 – Believers are to live their lives being perfect

4:14 – Luke called a physician, what type?   

1 Thessalonians

1:5 – The gospel referring to the new birth

3:8 – Believers live life now by being stand fast in Jesus Christ

3:10 – Paul wanted to perfect the believing of the believers

5:8-10 – While believers are alive they live unto Jesus Christ

5:23 – Believers are to be completely whole in all parts       

2 Thessalonians

1:11, 12 – Jesus Christ’s name is to be glorified in believers

2:9 – Prior to the return of Christ the world will produce

3:2-6 – Believers can live life in physical safety

1 Timothy

1:16 – Believe in Jesus Christ “unto” the return includes health

2:4 – Being saved includes healing

4:8 – Exercise profits believers only while you are alive                                                                                          

5:22 – Laying on hands to heal                                              

5:23 – This was an infirmity of the stomach, wine                                                                            

6:9 – Lusts can cause physical harm                                      

6:13 – God quickens, makes alive all things

2 Timothy

1:1 – God’s promise of life in Jesus Christ for believers is health

1:7-10 – Jesus Christ abolished death including ill health now

3:11 – Paul said he was delivered physically and mentally

4:6-8 – Paul knew the time of death

4:20 – Paul left Trophimus when he was sick


1:9, 2:2 – Believers that live according to the sound, whole doctrine of the word


1:3 – Jesus Christ purged all our sins including health

2:3, 4 – Salvation includes healing, part of being saved                                                                   

3:15-19 – Unbelief of God’s word causes physical death

4:14-16 – Jesus dealt with ill health and physical destruction                                                          

5:7-9 – God the healer, could have saved Jesus                                                                     

6:2 – The laying on of hands

10:38 – The just referring to believers live by believing

12:9 – The religious elite of the world rule over believers

12:12, 13 – Health is a mental thing


1:4 – If believers are to be entire

1:10, 11 – The religious rich elite of this world also perish                                                                           

1:12-16 – Believers that live under the worldly systems for their health

5:13-16 – The elders of the church are pray over the sick                                                                             

5:19, 20 – When believers err from the truth

1 Peter

1:5 – Believers are kept, guarded (kept in safety)

2:24 – Healing is available by what Jesus did                                                           

3:10-13 – Believers can have a long life

4:1, 2 – Don’t live in lust which causes sin and ill health

2 Peter

1:3, 4 – We have all things that pertain to life

2:4-9 – Old Testament examples of God keeping believers safe

2:18-22 – World’s lust, pollution, and corruption bring to mankind death

3:9 – Believers that are in ill health can repent

1 John

1:7-10 – Sin is called God’s unrighteous

4:9 – Jesus was sent into the world to allow us to live

5:14-17 – All unrighteousness is sin (including ill health)

3 John

1:2 – God’s will for your life is to prosper and be in health


1:1 – Believers are preserved, kept in Jesus Christ

1: 5 – God saved Israel, referring to keeping them safe


3:17 – The religious elite while they were alive were blind

13:1-11 – Examples of false miracles and healing                             

19:2 – The devil corrupted the earth

22:2-4 – The “New Jerusalem” will include

 Major Points Dealing with using the Manifestations of God’s Spirit



Angel killed Herod, was eaten by worms because he had James killed – Acts 12:1, 2, 23

Angel opened prison doors to get the apostles out of jail – Acts 5:17-23, 12:7-15

Angel’s role in physical safety

Are the dead alive now

Crisis management, dealing with a life or death situation

Raising believers from the dead


Healing records and healing info from Acts

Healing and physical safety by dealing with it using God’s Spirit

Laying on of hands to heal – Learning how

Learn how to receive what’s available in God’s word

Learn what is available in God’s word

Learn what to do with it, the motive and profit behind a Godly action

Learn how to heal all sicknesses and diseases


God keeps believers in safety from physical harm

Paul’s battle with physical safety

Spiritual mindset of physical health and safety

Truth about physical safety

Signs, wonders and miracles that were done in Acts

Truth about suicide

Using the Power

Using the power of the name of Jesus Christ when dealing with devil spirits

Using the power of the name of Jesus Christ to heal




A – Casey Anthony, the word’s prospective

B – Death Panels verses the word of God

C – Make a wish verses the word of God

D – Side affects of cancer treatment that are called “late effects”

E – The ending statement

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