Biblical Study Guides 

on Healing


Beloved, I wish above all things 

that thou mayest prosper 

and be in health, 

even as thy soul prospers  

3 John 2


These Study Guides on healing focus on the risen Christ and power in his name after Pentecost. We include healing records of Jesus from the Gospels where he taught how believers would heal. He healed people because God gave him the power to heal and we today have that same power to heal in his name.


What are these Biblical Study Guides on Healing?  

Fast and easy studies on certain subjects with overall themes that offer scripture reference to allow the student to make up his or her mind on what the Bible says about being healed. In areas of living life today we spend hours on social media. Better yet, why not spend at least the same time learning something that can heal you!

How to use this Study Guide on Healing

The table of contents contains topics of this study guide on Healingincluding Major Categories in bold italicized type arranged alphabetically with Major Subjects and Major Points under the Major Categories.  A click-through feature brings you to the study material for the major subjects and major points

A summary of the Six Biblical Study Guides on Healing

1 – The Healing Mindset: What If Mankind Actually Believed God’s Word? (See, Hear and Understand) – We need the right information first to be healed

2 – The Sonship Mindset: the Lifestyle and Rights of a Son of God – Your relationship with the Father: it is His will that His children are healed

3 – Overcoming the World’s Mindset: Defeating Today’s Religious Elite –What If God’s Rules for living life was the norm?   Attacks by the religious elite on individuals to stop their ministries

4 – The Tenacious Mindset: Controlling every thought or action to the Mind of Christ. What If Paul had not gone to Jerusalem? – Attacks by the religious elite on Paul to stop his ministry to heal

5 – The Power Mindset: Using the Nine Manifestations of God’s Spirit. What If there were no need for hospitals?- Godly goal: eliminate sickness and disease

6 – The Spiritual Mindset: The Power of Spiritual Prayer to defeat God’s adversaries. What If Prayer were more than Just a “Wing and a Prayer?”

The First Healing Study Guide gives information on who Jesus was: was he a charlatan, an impostor, or the son of God that made healing available to mankind? The right information comes first then healing follows, not political correctness or changing words to suppress healing by destroying the information source: out of sight, out of mind. Israel and believers today have the right to accept or reject this amazing statement that Jesus taught

 Therefore, speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand. And in them is fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah, which said, by hearing ye shall hear, and shall not understand; and seeing ye shall see, and shall not perceive: For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them” – Matthew 13:14, 15

Israel was faced with a new “talking head” telling them to believe in him to be healed now, not by the Old Testament prophets. Today with multiple sources of healthcare and trillions of dollars that pass hands in the treatment of sickness and disease, why isn’t mankind healed?  This study guide, the “Healing Mindset” gives the same information Israel had to deal with concerning this Jesus, and allows each person to decide who he really is.  Does believing in him really lead to being physically healed? Prior to being healed, people must know it is available and to believe in the name of Jesus Christ. The first step in this “Healing Mindset” is to educate mankind that it is!

Study Guide #1

The Healing Mindset, What If Mankind Actually Believed God’s Word? 

(See, Hear and Understand God’s word)

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The Second Biblical Healing Study Guide, how receiving God’s Spirit of Sonship and its healing effect upon mankind. To understand what Sonship is takes controlling one’s mind to a higher level of thought to accept the reality to be healed. Wrapping our minds around the truth that mankind’s healing should be the norm, not a one-time unexplainable miracle

Study Guide #2

The Sonship Mindset, What If Believer’s Rules for Living Life Worked?

(the Lifestyle and Rights of being a Son of God)

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The Third Biblical Healing Study Guide shows how the religious elite tried to control the Jewish believers by physical violence, jailing, killing, and breaking up families. The purpose of this study guide is to come to grips with the reality that regardless of what the religious elite say they don’t want anybody healed, or they would lose control and dollars

Study Guide #3

The Overcoming the World’s Mindset, What If God’s Rules for Living Life Was a Norm?

(Defeating Today’s Religious Elite)

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The Fourth Biblical Healing Study Guide shows how Paul made wrong decisions toward the end of his ministry which destroyed the greatness of his ministry if he wouldn’t have gone to Jerusalem.  Acts 2:41-47 show the greatness of what Paul’s ministry should have been. Believers today deal with the same attacks. Repetition of scripture and verse build your understanding to apply the principles of God’s Word in times of need

Study Guide #4

The Tenacious Mindset, What If Paul Had Not Gone to Jerusalem? 

(Controlling every thought to the Mind of Christ)

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The Fifth Biblical Healing Study Guide shows why it would be great if there were no need for hospitals. It’s not just words, but what if the misery, pain, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, the loss of limbs, deformities didn’t exist? God’s Word teaches healing is available and is an alternative to the worldly treatments of sickness and disease; why not believe!

Study Guide #5

The Power Mindset, What If  There were No Need for Hospitals?

(Applying the Uses of God’s Spirit to Heal) 

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The Sixth Biblical Healing Study Guide shows instead of winging it with no expectations that it may come to pass, have a positive Godly way of thinking it will come to pass if it’s God’s will. The purpose of this study is to learn how to use God’s Spirit to know what His will is before you pray! Prayer is mentioned in Acts 2:42 and expanded in Acts 4:24-31, the first spiritual prayer of the First Century Church. This first spiritual prayer includes God’s will to be done, speaking His word, to heal and signs and wonders being done in the name of Jesus Christ. Ephesians 6:18 states “prayer in the spirit,” has to include using God’s spirit, without which you don’t have spiritual prayer, but worldly prayer

Study Guide #6

The Spiritual Mindset, What If Praying Were More than Just a “Wing and a Prayer”? 

(Spiritual Prayer Defeats God’s Adversaries)

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