Healing Update – Dixie Jasinto


January 18 2022

Heavenly Father,… thank you for giving me the right words that will glorify you and what your son Jesus Christ has done for me. In the name of Jesus Christ!! Amen.  The struggle is real, no one gets that more than me. The mind set and the heart fixed on Christ is so key. By Jesus’s stripes you are and were healed. He paid for it in full. I honestly remind myself of this truth daily.

As many of you know, I came to Florida to study more about divine healing with JJ. I rented a house two houses down and we have continued our studies together. Through this whole process a deep love and care has developed for the Father, Jesus Christ our Lord and each other.  Allow me to update you now on the progressive healing Father has given me.  The other night we were watching a Curry Blake JGLM video on You Tube about structural healing. It is quite short… about 30 minutes I believe.

For those who do not know me, back in 2011 the doctors removed part of my tongue that had a large cancer on it. They wanted to remove the whole tongue, but I refused. Then I went through chemo and radiation. I posted that journey from my past so if you are not familiar with it, ask me and I will send it to you. A few years ago they removed the bone, teeth and nerve on the left side of my face. The bone was infected, broken and falling apart because of the radiation. So I was missing part of my tongue, I had no saliva from the radiation, plus chewing and swallowing were nearly impossible. I was on a feeding tube until last year. Over this past year much healing has taken place in my life.

So, now, for the update. Sunday night JJ ministered healing to me again. He put his finger right on my tongue. He commanded the demonic to be gone and the tongue to be healed and function correctly in the name of Jesus Christ.

(Just a side note,… in the video Curry says much how typically, structural healing takes place overnight. Interesting huh?) About 1:30 I got up to go to the restroom. My mouth was hurting for the first time in over a year. So I said, oh no you don’t. “Devil, get away from me! In the name of Jesus Christ”. The pain left immediately and I went back to bed.

In the morning I got up, drank a glass of water and while I was making coffee I realized I could move my tongue easily and I had lots of saliva in my mouth, I was so so excited. I could open my mouth pretty easily. So I started exercising my mouth in my morning time with Father. Pushing my tongue forward.

One more thing. I was not really able to get my finger in my mouth because the jaw was so frozen. When JJ prayed for my tongue he was barely able to touch the tip of it. Anyways I stuck my finger in to clear the build-up on my tongue and I discovered that the missing part is now there. I was blown away. Father grew back what the doctors removed and I am now able to move my tongue around in my month. No more dead tongue. I ate a poached egg yesterday with a fork and some eggplant. It was difficult but I am confident I will eat normally again soon because it is Father’s hearts desire to heal and bless His children. Christ already paid for it, so I fully expect it.

If you have any questions or need prayer please feel free to ask. God Bless You!

Oh one more thing my lower lip and jaw now have feeling. It is a mind-blowing experience. According to JJ my lower lip is out one quarter of an inch further.

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