Not About our Emotions


Get comfortable with discomfort.  Abide in the branch, Christ.  

No matter what is going on, you abide in Christ the branch.  You abide in peace, looking to him, regardless what is going on in your life.  Whatever storms come, you abide in Christ.  He is bigger than any storm in your life.  The minute you loose your peace, you have stopped abiding in him.  

  1. You have to subjugate your emotions so you can respond correctly under stress.

  2. Learn to control your emotions and not let them dictate your actions.  

That is abiding in Christ.  Staying put on the truth and not on circumstances.  They are your emotions, you decide how to respond.  Respond with, “It is Written!”


You have to learn to keep your emotions under control to be an overcomer. Do not people or situations affect your emotions.  Be at peace and abide in Christ.  Whatever you face you are capable of facing and defeating.  The victory has already been given.  

John 15:7 (Berean Literal Bible)  If you abide in Me and My words abide in you, you shall ask whatever you wish, and to you it will come to pass


Father wants us to bare much fruit.  It glorifies Him.  We cannot be led around by our emotions.  God is our supply not each other.  If we let others affect our emotional well being, we are not relying on Him.  

Overcomers are not circumstance-oriented: they are focused on the Father and His word. They have an understanding of what Christ did for them in the atonement.  If we want our prayers answered we must abide in Christ.  Overcome the emotions by keeping your prospective correct.  Who is your sufficiency: God or man?  Just something to ponder.   


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