An Angel Encounter


Everyone’s story is full of challenges.  Challenges build believing.  When we a faced with things that are out of our control, we look to Father.  I was with my dear friend Betty as she was sharing a story of a man she ran across yesterday.  My friend has been through some trying times lately, but she says positive always looking to Father to meet her every need.  And He does above and beyond Ephesians 3:20 style. 


Betty’s daughter passed away recently and she was helping her granddaughters.  One just graduated from High School.  So she is doing  a graduation party for her.  She also was raising the youngest daughter.  


Now, for the angel Father sent to help.  The granddaughter had some invitations made but the information was wrong in the address and phone number.  So Betty went to the printer to have it redone.  The first printer could not help her so she took it to another.  An older gentleman heard her explanation of what she needed changed, without a word, he went to work on it. 


She shopped in the store for some other things she needed and returned to the printer. He looked her straight in the eye, with her full attention, said there is “no charge” as he handed her a box of invites.  She was blown away and very taken aback as he continued to look her in the eye.  She said it was intense, because his eyes were so beautiful.  


After gathering her stuff and turning to thank him again, he was nowhere to be found.  She walked around looking for him but never found him.  He had totally disappeared.  This verse came to my mind when she was sharing.


Heb 13:1,2  Let brotherly love continue. Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.


Father supplies whoever we need and whatever we need, when we need them.  Thanks so much for sharing this my friend.  


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